G-Pack Standards

All manufacturing by G Pack is carried out to ISO 9001 quality standards. Material and operator traceability governs the whole of this process, resulting in consistency of material recognition, handling, packaging, stock control and transportation.

Material choice is essential in the manufacture of quality products. We process a wide range of virgin and recycled plastics. Virgin nylon and high density polyethylene are used for parts such as locking wedges and run up (riser) blocks, to ensure long-term strength and durability.

Our range of external cill end caps are manufactured from u.v. resistant Acrylonitrile Sytrene Acrylate (asa), to provide superb long-term colour fastness. This is the material of choice for companies manufacturing conservatory roof components.

G Pack frame corner protectors are manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene, sourced from recycled council wheelie bins. This gives us a very strong and durable part, that will not crack or splinter in cold weather.

Our range of clip fit bridge packers are manufactured from fully recycled polypropylene.

These factors can help underline your company’s own green credentials, specifically with ISO 14001.

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