As a plastic manufacturing business we take our environmental responsibilities into all areas of our operations. From office and factory procedures to material choices and part design, we look into all areas to rationalize energy and raw material usage.

The majority of our mould tools incorporate full hot runner systems. This reduces waste during the moulding process to the bare minimum, reduces machine cycle times and gives a very lean manufacturing process.

The bulk of plastic that we process is 100% recycled, our main supplier is a 1 hour drive from our premises. We use post production black polypropylene for our range of profile specific clip in bridge packers. Where possible we design our bridge packer height to the correct level, so as to not require the addition of flat packers when glazing.

Frame corner protector’s are manufactured from recycled council wheelie bins, this gives us a 100% recycled material which works very well with our product design and usage. The use of this material gives us a very strong durable part that will not crack or splinter in cold weather. Wheelie bins used are almost all sourced within a 30 mile radius of our material supplier here in the North West of England.

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